Oct 03

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If you are interested in one of the open slots, please submit a 2 hour mix for consideration to contacthousecat@gmail.com and contactrescuepoetixcj@gmail.com

CEO, Sammy Rock

VP- Cyber-Operations Manager, Catherine Harris

Marketing Manager, Rescue Poetix

Emergencies only !! contact:


All Shows are sponsored by – Robbi Promoter since 2004 !
For promotions and info contact: robbipromoter@gmail.com




House of Soul w/Sammy Rock and Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) 9am – 2pm est

Wil Milton Music Cafe  2pm – 4pm est

Subway Mixes with Dj Mel E Mel – 4pm – 6pm est est *Temp Show till we get this slot filled

Soul Sessions w/ Big Al Smith 6pm-8pm est

The B.K Show w/ Dj Val  8pm – 11 pm est (bi-Weekly)

*Pistol Pete – Housemares on Gold St   8 – 11pm est (bi-weekly)



**Open Slot  7am – 10am est

Hippie Torrales pres: What is Hip? 10am to 1pm est

Open Slot 1pm- 3pm est

Open Slot  3pm to 5pm est

Will Gee pres. Umoja 5pm – 8pm est

AB7 pres. Soul Stoned House 8pm – 10 pm est.

Dj Eddie-Ed pres. Ed’s House  10pm – 12 am est

Channel 2 Tuesday Line-up

Dj Qwest pres. The Qwest Spot  6pm – 8pm est – Ch.2

Dj Algebra pres. Gettin Housed  8pm-10pm



James Vincent pres. Sound Gallery Sessions 12am-2am est.

Capitol Soul feat Dj Tim Soundscience 9am – 11am est

Blayne Ashmore pres. Feelin It ! 11am- 1pm est

Hump-Day Excursions w/ TheSoulfulOne  1 – 4pm est

Soul Power w/The Nasty Man Neal Conway 4 – 6pm est

Dj FM pres. Baby Powder Sessions 6pm – 8pm est

Greg Gray pres.”NuBang Clan Session”Live from Chicago  8pm to 11pm est



Cyberjamz Radio Summer/Autumn Music Slam 10 am – 12 pm est

Dj T-Wise pres. Ubiquity Soul 12noon – 3pm est

Mystic Vybrations with Michael Stukes  3 – 5pm est

Tee Cee 13 pres Zing-Zang Productions  New York City USA  – 5-7pm est

RHOUSE pres. Miami Heat Live from Miami Florida  7pm to 9pm

The Keemix Show w/ Hakeem Syrbram  9pm – 11pm est



Friday Vintage Soul Show w/ Lady Vintage Soul – LVS  9am – 11am est

Cordell Johnson pres: 63rd & Soul 11am – 1pm est

Open Slot 1pm – 3pm est

Leonc pres: The Psychadelic Shack 3pm – 6pm est

Franke Estevez pres: Fuzion 6pm – 8pm est

The Ride with David Shell  8pm – 10pm est

DJ Ras pres: Friday Night House Party 10pm to 12am est



 Just Add Sound 10am to 12pm est

Milk Chocolate Collectiv 12 – 2 pm est

Midday Mix w/ DJ ERV 2 – 4pm est

Celeste Alexander pres. Celestial Odyessy 4 – 6 pm est

Dj Micheal Menton pres. Dance of Distinction Showcase Saturday’s from 6pm-9pm est (NYC)

Alt weeks:

Bassment Sessions- Sons of Soul w/Tony Mack & Demann 6pm to 9pm est

Club Wildlife w/ Mike Feva 3rd Saturdays 9pm-12am est. (starting Jan 2016)

Open Slot 1st and 3rd Saturdays 9pm-12am est

Soulful Temptations w/ Todd Love 4th Saturdays 9pm – 12am est



Jorge Gee pres. The Curious Jorge Show Live from Ft.Lauderdale (FL) 7am – 10am est

Grooveland Sessions w/ Edground & guest Dj’s 10am – 11am est

The Official Underground Network U.K w/ Mike Touhey  11am – 1pm est

Dj Mel E Mel – Subway Mixes Sunday  1pm- 3 pm est

Steve Bass pres: “Mixing it up” – New Jersey  3pm – 6pm est

DJ Saint Sanchez pres. Soulful Cypher 6pm to 8pm est alternating weeks w/

Djjoels Muzyk pres Soulful Lounge Sessions 6pm to 8pm est

The Bk Basement w/ Delmar Browne 8pm – 10pm est


Channel 02 Sunday

Sunday School Sessions w/ Keith Porterhouse 2pm – 6 pm est

Lush Vybes w/ Selectress MizzKae 6pm to 8pm est


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