Dec 31

Jammin New Year 2018 at Cyberjamz Internet Radio

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happy.new.year.2018.vectorHere we go !!! Jammin New Years Eve countdown to 2018 at Cyberjamz Internet Radio (since 2003)

It’s been a half-ass year….with some unexpected situations of which has left some of us questioning the integrity of people.In the end hope will win ,so hang in there my people. The human race is going through a spiritual transition and the side of good always overrule evil…. and with that said… We are here for you !

Just for a moment if time permits ,come with us and escape the madness as we send positive vibes around the Globe.

Cyberjamz Internet Radio has been at the forefront of house music since 2003. We are proud to continue our tradition of providing this music service today and beyond 2018 working smarter not harder.

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