Oct 10

Cyberjamz Internet Radio celebrate it’s 11 year Anniversary October 2014

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Cyberjamz Radio celebrates it’s 11th year Anniversary at the end of this month !

Joins us for another music marathon to be held Fri Nov.07 to Monday Nov.10,2014.For those that have experienced our Anniversary Music Marathons in the past,this one is gonna one for ages ! More info and line-up to be posted soon.












Thank you to ALL of our sponsors,music programmers and lovers of music for all the support throughout the years of us serving our music community.

We love you ALL.
SammyRock and the CyberJamz Radio Team.

Oct 30

Rhythmic Vibrations Interviews Producer/DJ Luis Evangelista

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Resident DJ Soul Medic and host Rescue Poetix had the opportunity to catch up with PhaseShift Ent CEO and founder, Luis Evangelista, for the October 28, 2014 edition of Rhythmic Vibrations.

Born and raised in New York City, Morningside Heights, Luis Evangelista has many passions. Music, after his family, is a large part of his life. DJing from an early age, with over 30 years behind the decks, he delved into music production in his late teens, when everything was analog, editing on quarter-inch tape and 1 inch tape, spending days upon days editing a song. To this day, his passion leads him to continually research new music, listen to old music and produce music. Most people are blessed with a talent, a gift, Luis’ is music.

In addition to blazing the decks with Soul Medic, Luis graced us with a brief on air interview.You can catch the audio archive for a limited time here: http://bit.ly/1tk5Kmy


Here is the full interview with Evangelista:


Rhythmic Vibrations (RV): While your name seems to be relatively new to the scene, you have an excellent grasp of what the Music Industry is about. Can you give us a little background on how you got started and what led you where you are today? What made you leave and what made you come back? 

Luis Evangelista (LE): I have been involved in music as far back as I can remember.  I owned my first Tambora when it was gifted to me when I was a toddler.  In elementary school, I was the kid bringing the 45rpm records to the party, so technically I’ve been DJ’ing since the 4th grade.  I started spinning at parties in my early teens, became a master editor in my late teens after graduating from Center For the Media Arts in New York.  I began working for an independent label as their Associate VP of Retail, than moved on to become their Associate VP of Radio promotions.  This was before the internet, so it involved lots of phone calls, trips to the post office and lots of leg work.  I remember the CEO used to ask me why I didn’t start my own Record label, I wasn’t interested in owning a label at the time, my mind was set on being a producer.  That question lingered in my mind for years, I always had an excuse for not starting a label.  With technology being where it is now, I ran out of excuses.  It needed to be done, it’s my calling.  Why did I leave? I guess life happened.  With the technology boom happening at the time, I thought it was a great opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.  I left the music industry and started working for advertising agencies and publishing companies in their technology department.  For me, financially it was the right thing to do at the time.  Even though I was no longer working in the music industry, I was still doing projects and always had my gear setup, so I never reeealllly left.  I decided to jump back in due to the advances in technology.  It’s no longer necessary to have a staff to run a label, it helps, it helps a lot, but it’s not necessary.  With DAW’s, it’s no longer necessary to book studio time, you now have a studio in a box, literally.  Modern technology is a wonderful thing.  


RV: In this day and age in the music industry one must be multi-talented and multi-faceted. Besides DJ & Producer what hats do you wear? How have you found that having all these skills have helped you establish a presence in the digital music age?

LE: Nowadays you must be a jack of all trades, be prepared to wear many hats.  You need to be the DJ, producer, engineer, artist, graphic designer, promoter, accountant, web designer, publicist, etc.  if you lack any of these skills, or just can’t multitask too well, you should outsource.  Being familiar with technology is a definite plus. You quickly learn that one asset compliments the other. There are many tools available to assist the promotion and marking of material.  The fact that I do not need to count on a third party for about 95% of release setup makes PhaseShift a fluid company.  We can shuffle releases around and make last minute adjustments pretty quickly.  Once all marketing points are realized, everything gets streamlined.  It becomes the norm, but one must always remain open to other avenues.  

RV: PhaseShift Ent, a label you recently launched, came out of the gate running. With ten releases already in 2014 and more scheduled, what advantages have you experienced in releasing your own music vs releasing on industry familiar labels? 

LE: The greatest advantage in releasing our own music is just that.  Having full control of releases verses having A&R critique your production, suggest changes, producers, remixers or just shelving your work.  There is nothing like having complete control, but it comes with a cost.  Being the new label on the block you need to establish yourself as a contender, the quality of the releases must be consistent, the next release must be as good or better than the last.  You don’t have the luxury of having an installed fan base, massive mailing list and industry clout.  The main goal for the first couple of years is building a foundation on great music and building that fan base.  It’s a never ending grind that one must be mentally prepared for.

RV: Of the producers who have influenced your creativity, how do “old school” producers differ from today’s producers? 

LE: Today’s dance music producers create some amazing tracks.  The tools that are available today are light years beyond what was available back in the day. The cost of a production is minimal now. You can pretty much complete a track on a plane ride, from laying the first track to mastering.  That’s amazing stuff.  But even with all the technology that’s available now, in my opinion, the old school producers are most creative compared to the new school.  I think the 70′s through the 90′s were the most musically creative times in dance music.  The most memorable songs, classics and anthems come from those decades.  With the limitations in technology, you had to be really creative back then when it came to producing, remixing, editing and even DJ’ing. 

RV: What makes you passionate about the music you create?

LE: There is something fulfilling about getting a song out of one’s head and into another, and having them enjoy it.  I love the creative process, seeing the project go from one lonely track, to multiple tracks playing all these wonderful sounds in harmony.    It’s a feeling that I can’t really explain, only creative artists understand this feeling, it needs to be experienced.

RV: Artists usually have a creative process, things that they do in order to get into a “creative mind”. Do you have such a process? Or does it just happen?

LE: It’s in my head; I’ve got to get it out.  Sometimes I have a rhythm bouncing around in my head; I would whip out my iPhone and human beatbox it into the voice recorder.  Other times I would sit in front of my DAW and start laying down percussion or drum tracks and see where it takes me.  Nine times out of ten, the impromptu sessions produce the best tracks.


RV: You Dj’d at an event in Harlem NY this past summer and it looks to have been your first since your  (let’s not call it a) comeback. How was that experience for you after being away from behind the decks for so long?

LE: I was nervous at first, but I think most DJ’s are.  Getting behind the decks felt like being home again, it was like riding a bike, only this time it was a hovercraft.  It was a great time; I’m looking forward to doing it again, hopefully a bigger venue. My set was amazing by the way.


RV: How have changes affected your perspective of the Music Industry from vinyl to CD to digital format and mobile devices from the standpoint of a DJ and that of a producer? 

LE: Technology is a wonderful thing.  As a producer and label owner, the convenience of distributing music without having to run to the post office or having to keep massive inventory is a blessing.  Being able to purchase music while on the go via different devices is a plus for both, consumers and label owners.  Digital distribution changed the game in the music industry. Although major labels still have massive muscle in the business, majors no longer have a strangle hold over independent labels.  As a DJ, the convenience of carrying your entire catalogue of music in your computer or on a memory stick was unheard of back in the day.  Analog sound is still king in my opinion, cd’s and digital files can’t compete with the sound of vinyl.

RV: How do you find that music balances other aspects of your life? How much of an influence does music have for you, beyond the business side? 

LE: Music has always played a key role in my life. From strapping a transistor radio to my bicycle when I was a child, to listening to tunes in my earphones while working out.  Music sets the mood; it prepares you for what’s coming or relaxes you from what was.  Everyone has their own life soundtrack.


RV: For all the budding DJs and producers out there, what wisdom can you share to get them on the road to following and accomplishing their dreams?

LE: The key is to be consistent, persistent, get your music out there, be prepared to have the door slammed in your face, get knocked down, disappointed, praised, critiqued, etc.  The most important thing is not to stop.  Never stop learning; there is more to DJing and producing than just DJ’ing and producing.  You must brush up on publicity, promotions and marketing.  Get your name out there to as many people as possible.  Find creative ways to promote yourself.  Keep up with technology in music production as well as social media.  Build a fan base, than keep growing that fan base.  Associate, make contacts, make friends and most important, have fun.  The grind is just a grind if you’re not growing and having fun.


RV: As an artist and independent business owner, where do you want to grow from here?  

LE: The sky is the limit, but for now I would like to focus on building that fan base, getting my music out to the masses and establishing a strong presence.  It’s a slow process, but I’m in it for the long haul.


RV: Anything you’d like to add? 

LE: I gotta have more cowbell!!



Learn more about PhaseShift Ent and Luis Evangelista: http://www.luisevangelista.com/

Oct 29

A few tips on how to hear cyberJAMZ Internet Radio using a MAC computer

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Here are a  few tips for our Mac users trying to connect to Cyberjamz Internet Radio.

MAC plugin:


And for our MAC  Silverlight player:

Additionally you can listen via YourMuze.FM here:
Channel 1:http://www.yourmuze.fm/station/cyberjamz-channel-1-2?0
Channel 2:http://www.yourmuze.fm/station/cyberjamz-channel-2?1


We also found that you can copy and paste our live link into your Safari or Firefox browser and that should open up the stream using your default player.This worked a few of our listeners but I have yet to test this option out and I need someone to confirm.

Channel 01 - http://cyberjamz.com/live.asx

Channel 92 – http://cyberjamz.com/live2.asx





Oct 28

The Sammy Rock Cassette Deck Music Mixes coming soon to a Podcast near you !

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Back by popular demand !

The Sammy Rock Cassette Deck Music Mixes coming soon to a Podcast near you

This music series is a collection of mixes I have on cassette’s recorded circa 1980 to 2000.I used to post them on my podcast pages a few years ago and stopped posting them but I’ve been getting request to kick them off again and due to time constraints I had no time until now.

Hope you enjoy these time-less mixes consisting of quality vinyl cuts that will forever live with us.


Oct 28

Sunday Madness with Special guest John Velez 6 – 8pm est @ Cyberjamz Radio Nov 2,2014

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Cyberjamz Internet Radio is proud and welcome John Velez of 88,5 (WMNF) F.M in Tampa Florida.Join us Sunday Nov 1,2014 from 6 – 8pm est for an exclusive mix dedicated to all the lovers of music.I highly encourage all of our music programmers and supporters to stop by our chat room even if for a moment and check him out.








My Story


My story may have a familiar sound because like so many of my fellow house heads I got my house roots hitting the clubs of NYC. Growing up in New York it was not uncommon to hear some of the legends of the underground house movement on the radio. Being exposed to that culture on a weekly basis on the radio or in the clubs was the start of a simple desire to have that unrelenting power to make people move, dance, scream. It became the foundation to a part of me that still burns to this day……… NYC I owe you so much.


Moving away from my beloved home was not easy but the transition was made easier by the house music lovers I met here in Tampa. David and Jask were the hosts of a weekly underground house music show on WMNF Tampa 88.5 FM called “Our House”. Getting to know them and develop that musical bond was instrumental to my getting adjusted to my new home as well as giving them the confidence to pass the show over to me.

The show is called “House OF Soul” and I’m forever in your debt David and Jask. It’s been a great ride, however long it lasts……………………

House Of Soul- Keeping the underground house vibe alive since 2005!


Musical Influence
My early influences were Louie Vega, Kenny Dope, Tony Humphries, David Morales, Todd Terry, Kerri Chandler, Roger S, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, Joe Claussell, Francois Kevorkian, Danny Krivit, Jellybean Benitez…… and so many more.

Dancers and Dj’s inspired me every week. And they continue to do so……………..you have no idea


For booking info please contact me via email JayVee023@aol.com or www.facebook.com/john.velez.731

Oct 23

The Legendary K.Joy pres. “Essence of a Woman” – Cyberjamz Records 2014

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Title: Essence of a Woman
Artist: K.Joy featuring Raiyn and Max Martinez with Remixes by PaulG & Dj Buzzard
label:Cyberjamz Records
Target Release Date: Mid – November 2014.










The Legendary K.Joy delivers this lovely E.P entitled “Essence of a Woman” featuring the powerful “I am Woman” with remixes by PaulG & Dj Buzzard.Also included in this fantastic package are the unreleased gems “So High” feat K.Joy and her wonderful sister Raiyn and the dance floor hit “So Alive” (K.Joy feat Max Martinez).

This is an exceptional package release for Cyberjamz Records & Pure Innergy and we would like to thank everyone in advance for the love and support.


Peace, purity, power, & prosperity!!


K. Joy “Essence of a woman” (CyberJamz Records CD Promo)

A good five year ago (July 2009 to be precise), CyberJamz Records released “I am woman”, a charity remix project by K. Joy featuring Collective Men & Women United (all proceeds go towards the Women’s Cancer Network/WCN). Now CyberJamz Records bless us with “Essence of a woman” which features previously unreleased mixes of “I am woman” by DJ Buzzard and Paul G both taking this wonderful song which features powerful lyrics masterly performed by the involved artists to a whole new level on their equally jaw-dropping renditions. Also included are “So alive” a captivating deeply thumpin’ affair where K.Joy’s inimitable vocals are accompanied by lush keys, and “So high” an energetic yet melodious and soulful vocal track perfect for prime-time action


Review by Mike Fossati of Spirit of House


All Lyrics by K.Joy
produced by Kimberly Salter (K.Joy)

Additional release info:

*”So High” performed by Raiyn & K.Joy
*”So Alive” performed by K.Joy and produced by Max Martinez

“I am Woman” is remixed by Paul G and Dj Buzzard for Coyote Entertainment.

copyright Nia Adero (BMI)
All rights reserved

Cover artwork by:
JoreG Graphix – jorgegee@gmail.com

K.Joy Artist hisotry and accomplishments:



Producer booking and info contact:


Another Coyote Entertainment Joint 2014.

Oct 07

DJ SoulMedicNYC and Spoken Word Artist RescuePoetix present the “Go Pink” jump off season premier of Just Add Sound

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In honor of ‪#‎BreastCancerAwarenessMonth‬ and in true ‪#‎MiCasaHoliday‬ spirit, we’re raising $5,000 for breast cancer research and giving away a hotel package for MCH Season 7, 2015!

Donate now for a chance to win and support a great cause! - http://bit.ly/YVsRK0

Event Page on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/293581094177332/

More Info:

DJ SoulMedicNYC and Spoken Word Artist RescuePoetix present the “Go Pink” jump off season premier of Just Add Sound.

Artists from a variety of backgrounds, experience and talent join us to share their passion in the Show opener during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Along with music and live performances Just Add Sound will provide educational information and links to learn more about breast cancer research/funding/charities/resources.

More details about the artists coming!

Tune in Thursday, October 23, 2014 for the 2 hour Season/Show premier on cyberjamz.com Channel 2 at 7 pm New York time

About Just ADD Sound:

The vision of Just ADD Sound is to promote established as well as up and coming artists and DJs by providing a virtual performance space to showcase their talents.

Just ADD Sound is a bi-monthly opportunity for an audience to enjoy learning more about artists and participating in a live show from the comfort of the digital medium during the week. The greater vision of Just ADD Sound is to inspire the global community to let the passion of their ART motivate them to have their voices heard.

SoulMedicNYC – show producer/resident DJ
RescuePoetix – show producer/host/interviewer

Stay connected:


Just ADD Sound: https://www.facebook.com/JustAddSound

Soul Medic NYC: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SoulMedicNYC/329400713744944

RescuePoetix: https://www.facebook.com/RescuePoetixTM

Aug 31

Cyberjamz Radio Marathon – Donation Drive 2014 THANKS YOU !

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Cyberjamz Internet Radio is humbled by the outpouring of support for our Second Annual Summer Marathon Donation Drive 2014.

You, our listeners and supporters got an opportunity to share the love we have for good music through over 72 hours of nonstop music from some of the most talented Cyberjamz programmers across the globe. We love what we do and appreciate the financial donations that both our programmers, listeners and supporters contributed. We are still receiving donations, and it shows that you love Cyberjamz Internet Radio just as much as we do!
Cyberjamz prides itself on bringing you the best music programs, and programmers, thank you for your continued support. Your donations help us to keep good music alive and provide you with a forum to listen to us.









Official acknowledgements going out to the following supporters,lovers of music and those that donated towards our cause to keep us on air.


Catherine Harris – Dj Housecat (la gata de fuego) – V.P of Cyberjamz Radio Operations
JorgeG – Graphix Designer for Cyberjamz Radio/Records
Nestor Delgado aka Mr.Techy – Cyberjamz Radio Technical Director

The supporters & entire chat room family

Seductive Sapphire
Janet (Free Spirit)
Crecsendo & Steve Bass

and everyone that came through and showed us love.

Donation Family

Ronald Overby(Dj Ronnie Ron)
K-Ture and the First Responders of House Music
Peter Sierra
Dj Bilal Hayles
William Gibbs aka Will Gee
Tanario King
Curtiss Logan – Big Logan
Crystal Hayes
Terri Johnson
Edward Ward – Dj Eddie-Ed
Robbi Promoter
Leon Cook – LeonC

Thank you ALL !

Pay pal is still open for donations all year round – pay pal any amount to samuelacosta@hotmail.com Subject line Cyberjamz Server Donation.
If you prefer to snail mail a check or money order let me know and I will send you our company address.

Check out the archived shows of this marathon up now !

Aug 10

The Naked Truth E.P – Ronald Overby (Ronnie Ron) – Cyberjamz Records 2014

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Cat # CJ150
The Naked Truth E.P
Cyberjamz Records


Time to get naked and deep with Ronald Overby (RonnieRon) out now !


Dance floor cut alert !

Ronald Overby (Ronnie Ron) of the Nubang Clan has been in hiatus for quite sometime and now he emerges out the shadows and delivers this exceptional deep soulful afro E.P that will for sure make you dance! This E.P is super bad !


1)The Elements (7:14)

2)Panther (6:39)

3)Peace 2 Shalom (7:00)

4)The Naked Truth – Vocal Mix (6:34)

5)The Nakedstrumental – (6:34)

All tracks and vocals performed, produced and mixed by Ronald Overby (Ronnie Ron)

cover art by JorgeG Graphix.

Another Coyote Entertainment Joint 2014.

Aug 03

Be yourself – Dj SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah – Toupee Records 2014

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Cat# Toupee0011
“Be yourself” – SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah
Toupee Records - out now !  http://bit.ly/1vkxMC8





Dj SGZ & Aphreme featuring Ras Vadah “Be yourself” (Toupee Records CD Promo)

From the minds of DJ SGZ, Aphreme and vocalist Ras Vadah comes “Be yourself”, a soulful gem guaranteed to send shivers down your spine as dulcet yet captivating deeply groovin’ rhythms lead the way for luscious keys, acidic overtones and Ras Vadah’s beautiful deeply felt vocals – top-notch soulful house music. The dub gives the track a classy old school feel guaranteed to jam-pack the floor.

Reviewed by Mike Fossati for Spirit of House

Produced by Aphreme & SGZ
Vocals performed by Ras Vadah
Another Toupee Records Joint 2014.

Jul 15

The new District 3 – D/3 and Bar21 info and location

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Please visit and “like” the official District 3 – D/3  Arts and Events/Bar 21 page

please invite and share the page guys !



Located at the heart of downtown Tampa Bay (convention center area)


BAR 21 @ The New DISTRICT 3 Arts & Events Downtown Tampa


Circa21 @D/3.
100 N. East St Tampa Florida 33602

thank you all in advance !

Jul 14

Circa21 @ D/3 presents “Deliverance” w/ resident SammyRock every Thursday night in downtown Tampa Florida

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What is Circa21 @ District 3?

It’s a brand new place which delivers the best in high tech sound and lighting system’s ever installed under one roof !

Standing at 22.000+sq feet of Warehouse space and with it’s massive dance floors(All 4 of them), bars to accomodate everyone,state of the art lights and sound systems by NY’s Aurateq.this is truly a dancers paradise !

We are inviting you to come and experience this mecca as we are ready to unveil this magic place of dance and housemusic.

Resident SammyRock aka Soul Oasis of Cyberjamz Radio – http://cyberjamz.com/

“Deliverance” will be featured every Thursday Nights from 10pm – 3am




event page:


Circa21 @D/3.
100 N. East St Tampa Florida 33602
**Entrance is located in the back of the building*
Located in the heart of downtown Tampa Bay (convention center area)

RSV required for access to our V.I.P Section

More info contact:

Admission is FREE until we have our Grand Opening in Oct 2014.


Keep your ear on the dancefloor – Deliverance @ Circa21

Jul 08

Circa21 @ District3 pres.Deliverance w/resident Dj’s SammyRock every Thursday in Tampa Florida

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What is Circa21 @ District 3?

It’s a brand new place which delivers the best in high tech sound and lighting system’s ever installed under one roof !

Standing at 22.000+sq feet of Warehouse space and with it’s massive dance floors(All 4 of them), bars to accomodate everyone,state of the art lights and sound systems by NY’s Aurateq.this is truly a dancers paradise !

We are inviting you to come and experience this mecca as we are ready to unveil this magic place of dance and housemusic.

Resident SammyRock aka Soul Oasis of Cyberjamz Radio – http://cyberjamz.com/

“Deliverance” will be featured every Thursday Nights from 10pm – 3am

Circa21 @D/3.
100 N. East St Tampa Florida 33602
**Entrance is located in the back of the building*
Located in the heart of downtown Tampa Bay (convention center area)

RSV required for access to our V.I.P Section

More info contact:

Admission is FREE until we have our Grand Opening in Oct 2014.

Keep your ear on the dancefloor – Deliverance @ Circa21

Apr 27

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records catalog avail at Traxsource

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Purchase all of Cyberjamz/Toupee Records catalog at http://traxsourc.com

Apr 27

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records catalog avail at Junodownload

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Cyberjamz/Toupee Records avail at http://junodownload.com

Apr 27

Cyberjamz/Toupee Records Catalog avail at Stompy.com

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Purchase any or ALL of Cyberjamz/Toupee Recs at @stompymusic


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