Apr 08

“Hot Summer Kiss” – Sal Negro – AYIZE SONGAA RECORDINGS

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Hot Summer Kiss CoverLovin the last few cuts Sal Negro put out and this one is without exception in that it features the same quality deeply rooted afro soul with a touch of latin vibes to make it just right for the dance floors.

“Hot Summer Kiss” – AYIZE SONGAA RECORDINGS coming April 27,2018.

This is the second of a triple track love story. The first was Falling In Love and now we have Hot Summer Kiss. Remember that first kiss, that one kiss that you got from the person you love. This is how Sal Negro feels about that first kiss. Hope you felt it from the person you love. Enjoy.

Hot Summer Kiss
Written and produced by Sal Negro
Programming by Sal Negro

Time: 6:56
BPM: 125
2017 Ayize Songaa Recordings
(p) 2017 OSHJR Music

Ayize Songaa Recordings
Let Them Come Strong
2018 Cover Design: Sal Negro

*Pick up all the pieces at https://bit.ly/2j0zmai , or juno https://bit.ly/2EtSlSQ