Jan 27

DJ Ife presents Sanna’s House of Music, Thursdays 3pm-5pm EST.

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SANNA.000Sanna’s House of Music airs every Thursday 3pm-5pm EST.

Cyberjamz Radio continues to support and feature female deejay’s at our Internet Radio Station. Our latest addition to our family is Sanna Vaarna (Dj Ife).If you haven’t checked her out before,we highly encourage to check into her debut show next Thursday. We are confident that you will enjoy Dj Ife’s sets as much as we have in the past.


DJ Ife is an evolution of love. Embracing the flow of love through music since the age of four, Sanna Vaarna began her transition as an artist, musician, live performer, pianist, singer, producer and remixer, following the path that has taken her through the experiences that have honed her skills in the music industry. Having worked with DJ Bill Kelly (WMC, Miami), performed throughout South Florida with blues band Big Poppa E and original production and remixes for various artists such as Carolyn Harding and RescuePoetixTM, as well as solo releases, Sanna’s talents and skills cover the wide arc from organizer, hostess, promoter to live performer and now as DJ Ife.
Born in Finland, Sanna followed her heart and passion into a world that embraced her unique perspective by always doing what she loves, from meditation to expressing the serenity of self through the lives she touches. Taking a cue from her Jazz musician father, Sanna took to playing keys and developing her skills as a live musician, both of which have become her signature in the House Music industry. Adopting the moniker of DJ Ife, she’s taken those skills to the next level by DJing her original music on live radio shows as well as performing live in NY, Detroit and Miami in 2016.

With music on Natural Essence Media Ltd, she is exploring the production outlet for her musical voice. Recent releases “Ife” and “Venus” pave the way for collaborations and exciting growth that will see amazing motion through 2016 and well into 2017
Following the path that has been decades in the making, DJ Ife, Sanna Vaarna producer, Sanna performer, writer, creator lives each moment to the fullest.

For bookings, interviews, media: rescuepoetixmanagement@gmail.com

Media links:

https://www.mixcloud.com/sannavaarna/ http://www.traxsource.com/artist/267787/sanna-vaarna