Feb 19

All That Vibe – Sal Negro – Ayize Songaa Recordings

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All That VibeAll That Vibe – Sal Negro – Ayize Songaa Recordings

Another track by Sal Negro that has a jazzy feel to it with the signature Latin flavor and of course the vibe that he puts in all of his music. This is sure a track to chill out in, but most of all it is a Sal Negro track that is always full of fun and plenty of color.

Written, Produced, and Arranged by: Sal Negro
© 2017

Track: All That Vibe
Produced by: Sal Negro
Time: 6:14
BPM: 125
Genre: Jazzy House

Ayize Songaa (Let It Come Strong)
Peace and Blessings

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(P) OSHJR Music

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